So, you wanna know who is Digital Ayaan?

I am just a 27 years old guy 🙋‍♂️ . a digital marketing trainer & consultant. an analog person working on digital space.

I had worked with many brands & helped some celebrities to establish a brand around them. I take up freelance digital marketing projects.

With the help of this space, I’d like to share my digital marketing knowledge with you and educate you on how it’s done! and I made a list of some Free Digital Marketing Resources to help you

I’m Creating Video tutorials 🎥 for those who Want to learn Digital Marketing For Free.

The story behind clueless teenager to the digital marketer

Like any normal teenager who has just pass out junior college (12th), and planing to have fun in the next 3 years of college. (just a commerce student thing😜) I had no idea what I’m gonna do with my career.

Though I am a chill guy, I was worried about what will I do after college, also I was not so good with studies.

What if I didn’t get any job?

while dealing with all these worries, I had to drop college due to some reasons. this time was full of worries and disappointments I was finding a way to get out of this DROPOUT thing.

Started my Digital Marketing Journey 🚀

The year 2015, I had started doing jobs to collect money to do something new, but as I said earlier I was not sure what I am gonna do now.

and one final day, while surfing around the internet, I found a thing called digital marketing business, I was not at sure what it is? or how it can be done or how I can learn this (it’s 2015, that time there are no YouTube videos for digital marketing)

At that time there was no such institute in town where I can learn digital marketing, I had to drop the plan once. ☹️

Finally, After six or seven months, I found someone who can teach me. i had started learning.

after the course, my first internship was for ₹ 500 💵

And my journey began as a Digital Marketer

Journey as a trainer

I have never thought that i will turn into trainer some day, it just happened to me.

i was always helping out people with computer stuff, but doing it as a business was never on my plan.

one day someone approached me to teach, and then all this started.

also, you can ask your question on Instagram DM also, as I am more active there :
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