Publishing New Article? and you want your article to get index quickly by Search Engines.

What if I say you index your article quickly and you don’t have to wait too long for it

But you will say it is up to Search Engines, I have to wait for Search Engine bot to index my site, Right?


The Answer is Update Services or Ping Services (Both Are Same thing)

What is Update Services (Ping Services)?

Ping Services is an XML-RPC based push mechanism, that informs search Engines that your blog has been updated with a new post so that search engines can crawl your post and index it into their database.

update service or ping services tells Search Engines whenever you write a new post or update your old post that means it works automatically.

you don’t have to manually index your articles.

Here you Can know more About Ping Services/update services

So here I am sharing the most updated ping services or updated service list of 2020

Use this ping service list for faster indexing of your new posts, and your SEO Rankings will boost quickly.

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