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WordPress Ping Service List 2019 – Update Services List

Publishing New Article? and you want your article to get index quickly by Search Engines.

But you will say it is up to Serch Engines, I have to wait for Search Engine bot to index my site, Right?

What if I say you index your article quickly and you don’t have to wait too long for it


The Answer is Update Services or Ping Services (Both Are Same thing)

What is Update Services (Ping Services)?

Ping Services is an XML-RPC based push mechanism, that informs search Engines that your blog has been updated with a new post so that search engines can crawl your post and index it into their database.

update service or ping services tells Serch Engines whenever you write a new post or update your old post that means it works automatically.

you don’t have to manually index your articles.

Here you Can know more About Ping Services/update services

so here I am sharing the most updated ping services or updated service list of 2019

Use this ping service list for faster indexing of your new posts, and your SEO Rankings will boost quickly.

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How to Start a Blog [2019]

Want to start a blog in 2019 ? , but don’t know where to start ???

Congratulations, you are in the right place and at the right time. Here I will share some very useful and simple tips on how you can start your blog in 2019.

These tips are logical yet so simple to apply. so if you are a newbie then don’t worry. I will clear your concept about blogging.

First understand what is blog

a “Blog” or “Weblog” is a regularly updated website or web page. it’s like a diary or journal. it contains articles about one or more subjects.

A blog is one of the oldest yet powerful Digital Marketing practice. you can connect with so many like-minded people with your blog. or Earn money and get famous. it is not necessary that you write a blog for marketing only. some people writing blogs for fun only and on the other hand big brands like coca cola writing a blog to be in touch with their community.

Only you can decide your propose that you want to make money from blogging ? or you just doing it for fun.

There are so many articles on the internet on how you can start your own blog, and it is confusing for a newbie, this is my try to make things easier for you.

so sit back and note down these easy steps.

Step: 1 Select Your Niche

Selecting a Niche is the most important part of starting a blog. you will write about dogs ??? or you want to write about food or travel ?? simply you can choose your niche as per your interest or things you know about. you can do market research and find out new trends and write about them.

Step: 2 Select Your platform

There are so many free and paid platforms are available from where you can start writing a blog. you can choose any of them as per your need and of course your budget.

Most Important : You have to Check if in future You will able to move your blog from your existing platform to different platform or not??

Here I will compare some Free and paid blogging platforms for you.

1. Google Blogger (Blogspot) – One of the oldest and easiest platforms, by Google.

Pros :

  • It is free
  • it is secure
  • you can add your own domain

Cons :

  • Limited customization options
  • lake of new features

2. – WordPress is the most COMMONLY used blogging site nowadays.

Pros :

  • It is free
  • so many free themes available

Cons :

  • Limited customization options
  • you have to pay for adding your own domain

and there are many other sites like Wix, Tumblr, and Weebly, that allows you to host your blog free on their servers, but here is a Trap, you have to pay for more customization and advanced tools

5. WordPress.Org – is the best and most used CMS (content MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) available these days.

Pros :

  • It is free
  • easy to learn, easy to use
  • requires no coding knowledge
  • packed with plenty of tools
  • updating or often
  • so many free themes available

Cons :

  • not very safe

Step: 3 Select Your Hosting Provider

Now, if you want to use or any other CMS or you want to develop your own blog site over .php, you have to host your blog on your own hosting. for that, you have to buy a hosting plan. now choosing the right hosting plan is very important, because it will affect you SEO also it will define your whole user experience

Some tips for choosing a hosting plan :

  • Know what kind of hosting plan you want
  • Check the amount of bandwidth you are getting with this plan
  • Read reviews
  • Avoid new companies with cheap hosting packagesALWAYS

Step: 4 a Catchy Domain Name

Domain Names are an important part of your Brand. always choose a decent and catchy domain name, it should be memorable and easy to pronounce. I will write a whole article about this soon. till then remember this :

  • It should be between 7 to 12 characters
  • avoid numbers and hyphens (In most cases)
  • choose right domain extension (.com, .in, .org)

Step: 5 Find Relevant Theme

A theme is responsible for your overall look and user experience of your blog. choosing the right theme is a task. always choose a theme that is relevant to your category, there are so many ready to use themes available on the internet- both free and paid. you can buy good themes from a website called Themeforest. and there are many more.

Remember : Never use pirated themes, these themes contains corrupted css files and can harm your user experience as well as SEO of your Blog

Conclusion: BLOGGING is one of the most useful marketing practice, maybe it is difficult to choose the right platform, but with the right information and some RESEARCH you can make it happen!
I am signing off with this, I want to know what you think about blogging and if you have any question, let me know in the comment section.