I am receiving so many questions every day,  here I have tried to answer some of the very common questions :

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a new age marketing method. it is initiated on virtual space with the help of tools like Website, Email List, Social Media Etc.
What is The Industry Worth of Digital Marketing?
Globel Digital Marketing Industry Worth is $192 billion USD
Is Digital Marketing in demand?
Digital Marketing is Hot Career Choice in Nowadays if you will search Digital Marketing Jobs On any Job Portal, You Will Find latest 1000 job openings at a time.
How Much Educational Qualification is required to learn Digital Marketing?
Just Basic Education is Required, you can become Digital Marketer even if you are 8th pass, the only thing required is PASSION
Can I Learn Digital Marketing if I don't know how to code ?
Definitely you can, no coding knowledge is required to lean Digital Marketing, I also don’t know how to code, I have created this website of WordPress by my self without any code
How i make money after learning Digital Marketing ?

Yo Can do Job as a Digital Marketer, there are various profiles available on Digital Marketing or you Can Start your own business or you can do Freelancing as a digital marketer and lots more (You will get to know eventually)

How can i become Pro Digital Marketer ?
PRACTICE, its the only way, Digital Marketing is Evolving Rapidly, so you have to lean regularly and after that, you have to implement what you learned.
What is the average salary I can get as a digital marketer?
In Tier – 2 Cities you can get up to Rs.30,000 per month as an experienced Digital Marketer and in Tier -1 cities like Mumbai, Delhi You can get up to Rs.50,000. it depends on your skills.
It is possible to make Passive income with Digital Marketing?
Yes it is definitely possible to earn passive income with Digital Marketing, but you have to understand that it won’t happen overnight, you have to put fruitful efforts for that and keep patience.