How To Get a Life Time Free SSL Certificate For Your Website [Guide]

Planning to start a new website ? or you already have a website, then you must be aware of What Is SSL Certificate and its importance to mark your site as a safe website on the internet.

Back in 2018, Google confirmed that using SSL Certificate can make your site more Secure for you And your audience you can read that article here :

Why & how to secure your website with the HTTPS protocol

Plus, it will make a positive effect on your site ranking.

Let’s learn what is SSL Certificate:

What is SSL

Secure Socket Layer Known As SSL is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of your website and encrypts information that your visitor or let’s say your customer sending to you when they interact (Reading, Surfing or purchasing anything from your website) with your website

How You can get Life time free SSL Certificate

So, There are so many ticks, plugins, and other methods to get free SSL Certificate but of this are not so effective and most importantly not safe at all.

so here is one safe and easy method to get SSL Certificate: all you have to do is to create an account on Cloudflare and then you have to follow some easy steps,

Lets Start:

Step 1

Go to Cloudflare and click on sign up :

Enter your email & password and create a new account on Cloudflare.

Step 2

Now, add your website and press Add Site  

Now press Next

Step 3

Choose a free plan and press confirm plan

press confirm again

Now press confirm

Step 4

Here you have to change name servers of your domain

Click Continue

now Copy New Name Servers From Here and Replace with Your Exiting Name Servers, for that you have to go to your Registrars website (GoDaddy in my case)

Click on DNS

Paste New Name Servers here and Save Them

Note : It Can take upto 1 Hour to take effect, your site may be face downtown (Don’t Panic)

Step 5

go to SSL/TLS (Previously Crypto)

and Turn on a button for Always Use HTTPS

Final Step

Go to your WordPress dashboard, and download Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin and activate it.

Now wait for some time, it will take effect in up to 1 Hour.

Try it and if you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to comment and I will help you to solve it 🙂

Conclusion: so this was my tutorial for how you can get your SSL certificate of free, SSL will improve your SEO rankings as well as your site safety.

I’m a 27-year-old digital marketer & branding consultant working with big brands and celebrities & video creator.

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